Oil and Gas Reserves on CD

  • Want a flexible way to search reserves?
  • Rather have oil and gas reserves data in Excel?
  • What about all western provinces in one reserves database?
  • Want to see the oil and gas reserves in imperial units?

The Oil and Gas Reserves Database by PUBLIC Knowledge Inc. can help. It now has oil and gas reserves data for all four Western provinces (Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba) in one database.

One easy to use search front-end offers instant access to the oil and gas pools from all three provinces. You can search Alberta data on combinations of pool names, field names, pool types and UWI locations. Similarly B.C. oil and gas reserves can also be searched by both DLS and NTS locations.

The Oil and Gas Reserves Database includes an option to view the pool data in report format with both metric and imperial units. Or with one click you can export the search results to MS-Excel for further analysis or MS-Word.

Database Benefits
checked ** NEW ** Alberta(2006), B.C.(2005), Sask.(2003), Manitoba (1999) Reserves
checked FREE Annual Upgrades to B.C. and Saskatchewan reserves
checked Export to Excel and Word
checked Both imperial and metric units on reports
checked Built-In search front end
checked A runtime version that doesn't require MS-Access
checked Purchase Price (CAN$1495) includes all western provinces
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checked Annual Upgrade Discount (CAN$200) on Alberta reserves
checked Alberta Reserves includes Solution Gas properties
checked Search B.C. Reserves by either or both NTS and DLS location
checked Full access* to data tables (*requires MS-ACCESS license)
checked CD-ROM includes original raw data sets from provinces
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